Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Iran Yemen Algeria Jordania Tunesia Egypt...

There is something strange going on in the Muslim world.

I try to understand the motives why suddenly (I mean, over the past few years) the call for democracy has grown to a strength where revolutions burst out and shake the whole Muslim world on its foundations. Not that I don't approve this, I very much encourage free speech and democracy.

(I have my thoughts with a total liberal economy, though. It's mostly to the disadvantage of the weaker, poorer economies.)

What encourages me the most, is the example Egypt set here: In an almost perfect non-violent way, they took all obstacles they faced, and still, while the military is on guard now, they keep a reasonable, healthy amount of reserve against this ruling power.

I was afraid, yesterday, when Iranians came to the street, and indeed, the actions were much more violent, and so was the acting of police forces. Yemen also.

Egypt might have the advantage of being close to the western world, in full contact with the West because of the tourism, and therefore give them a clearer view on what they want and how to get there.

A very cool map, coupled to tweets, can be found here and here:Unrest Spreads Through Arab World: Updated Interactive Map

Sunday, 13 February 2011

Saturday, 12 February 2011

Walk like an Egyptian.

I've never been so hopeful, so proud the last 20 years as today. I really feel with the Egyptians, and I respect them for the unbelievably mature way, peaceful but firm, making their stand for justice and change.

You make me proud, Egyptians, for showing the world that there is a future to build, and showing how it can be built.

You also show there is another face of Islam, one that wants progress and is not afraid of change. the face of Islam that says that we can be brothers.

Keep your revolution going. I'll stand by and applaude.

Thursday, 10 February 2011

Contradictions and consequences.

Why is it, that it's possible to deny god him/herself?

Epicures found out already that god is not omnipotent:

If God is willing to prevent evil, but is not able to
Then He is not omnipotent.

If He is able, but not willing
Then He is malevolent.

If He is both able and willing
Then whence cometh evil?

If He is neither able nor willing
Then why call Him God?

I turned from a practicing catholic into an agnostic theist, sometimes atheist. Because I don't know. I really don't. I wish there was some kind of god, I hope there is, but I'm afraid there is not. That we are just a coincidence of evolution.

That's not a happy thought, because, in the light of eternity, what will be left? Where is the greater purpose, meaning of all this?

I hope you people are not struggling like me with this on a daily basis. It's not really a positive way of life...

Monday, 7 February 2011

What would they think of us?

I sometimes imagine what extraterrestrials would think about us, humans, if they ever come to earth. Would the consider us as a kind of pet, undeveloped, and too busy with our own poor selves?

but then
I stumbled on this:

And first, like always, I take this as a hoax. A good one.
But then, a second vid turns up, from somebody else.

And then, a third:

And then, somebody combines them.They seem to be perfectly synchronized:

So, I'm very impressed. This is cool! I somehow would like us to be in contact with higher intelligences, and I hope it's not some stupid government that is the first to make contact with them. Because then, we're screwed. They will start shooting at them, and then for aliens it's easy to decide all of this human race are just unreliable violent aliens.
We can not defend ourselves anyway, so we better try to keep ourselves low profile in the galaxy.

But then, some clever guys saw flaws in the whole thing. Some nice techniques were used, but still, mistakes were made. It's a HOAX - a big one. All put together, You can read it here, if you want.

I feel disappointed... It's like Mulder. I want to believe. but I accept the truth.

Unless... The third and fourth vid were put up especially to discredit the one and two version....

Where are my pills.
Need them. 

Thursday, 3 February 2011


It'll take a day or two to get better... See you soon.

Wednesday, 2 February 2011

revolutions and blood baths

I thought it would not be so wise to post my article on quantum computing right away: This blog would be as dry as a nun's...  ehm... as a desert, let's say. So I focus on reality and today.

I'm very worried about the evolvements in Egypt. Now pro-Mubarak activists have entered the scene, and things get violent. I've always been pacifist, not necessarily the defenseless kind, because even non-violent action can be hard and thorough. But, in my opinion, violence creates only more violence, and an opposing hatred that cannot be contained. So. Keep it human. That's what we are.

But now... I hope the military in Egypt can keep parties apart, because otherwise they will have a full-scale civil war.
Looks like there is not much common sense anymore. Let's hope it doesn't end in a blood bath.

Btw, do you also have the gut feeling that the pro-Mubarak manifestation is orchestrated?

Last time I was so excited about a revolution was... The fall of the Berlin Wall.
I'm that old.