Monday, 5 January 2009

All is quiet on New Year's day...

... except that Israel is bombing the shit out of Palestina. 'Out of necessity' is the official version of the Israeli's. 'Obama, what do you do about it???' is the oh so stupid call from Hamas.

I think about my little daughter of two years old, still full of amazement for the world, and wonder how this all can be accounted for to our children, to anybody's children.

Hannah, you have a name that appears in all three western religions, Judaism, Christianism and Islam. I hope you will, one day, find a world where your name stands for peace over religion. Where people finally found out that none of the Jewish prophets, nor Jesus or Mohammed, ever told their people to 'go and kill a bunch of heretics'.

If belief thrives to war, I can't believe anymore.


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  1. All your entries are so meaningful. I really liked them.