Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Google fun.

I didn't know this, it's funny. In earlier times, applications were full of jokes and fun, hidden in code between the lines. Later, One could only find funny things in games. But here's Google, with some fun. Easter eggs still exist.

  1. Type "where are my socks" in a new search page, hit "I'm feeling lucky".
  2. Google maths is an integrated part of the google search engine. If anèything can be calculated, or has to do with numbers, it will go there. Besides normal search results.

    Type "What is the loneliest number" in the search box, hit enter.
  3. Google exists in amazingly many languages. But did you try these?

    Type "google pirate" , or  "google bork" , or "google Klingon"
  4. Some mods that are really funny:

    Type "google Elmer Fudd,"
    "google pig latin,"
    "google gothic,"
    "google weenie"
    and its big brother, "google epic."
  5. An amazing one is the mirror of google:

    type in "google elgoog"
So, have fun. I hope nobody blames me for yet another few hours of productivity lost....


  1. Hahaha, I knew some funny google eggs but out of this list I only knew the last one! Thanks for sharing.

  2. you could try googling "where is chuck norris?"

  3. This is the first compilation I've seen of these. They're actually pretty funny, haha.

  4. wow eh. i enjoy typing in 'chuck norris' and clicking 'i feel lucky'

  5. Google is a lifesaver with calculations. Good info. It's almost a waste so few people know about these

  6. That's pretty neat I'm going to show some of my friends some of these trciks!

  7. stick to the in this case.

  8. Hehe, nice , I tried some of these, I like the google pirate : "Who be this Google ? " hehehe

  9. When you have a chance, I've a little something for you at my blog!

  10. Haha going to do all of these asap.

  11. hahaha this is very cool!! I'm going to try with different sentences now and see how it turns out, like you said " another few hours of productivity lost"