Monday, 14 March 2011

Ask yourself five times "Why?"

A good trick to reach you inner motivation, your drive why you do or don't do an action, is asking Why. five times in a row.
Since it is your own exercise, you have just three rules:
  1. be sincere and honest to yourself. 
  2. Make it personal. It's about YOU, YOUR thoughts and feelings. Not about the others.
  3. If you answer "I don't know", be even more sincere and honest to yourself. You deserve it. 
You'll be surprised what the result is.

So I write this post.
Why (do I write this)?
Because I found out this technique is interesting and confronting. I want to share this with other people.
Why (do I want to share this)?
Because I think it confronts with my inner motivation. Personally, I feel the urge to share this because it's important people know why they do things.
Why (do i feel this urge)?
I guess I am frustrated sometimes because people do stupid things without thoroughky thinking over.
Why (am I frustrated about this)?
I'm not only frustrated, I'm fed up with the stupidity of some people and their motivations (if they have any ) They ruin it for a lot of other people. I want to change things.
Why (do I want to change things)?
Because I believe things can change.

There it is. I am still the idealist from high school.
Only I'm more frustrated now than I was in that time.

To keep it funny, think this:

Di Caprio knew it already :)

afternote: this technique is known in project management and problem solving, consult  wikipedia or  search google on "five times why" or "5 whys". Using it for self reflection is just one way to exploit it.


  1. I'm a one-upper. I'll do it 7 times. Ha!

  2. I'm really indecisive! I got to apply this to my life!

  3. I'm afraid frustration can be a way of life but we do try to conquer it.

  4. we def need to go way deeper here. love your insight on this, so iam going to follow you for more nice posts

  5. @Astronomy Pirate: mind = incepted.

  6. I always ask myself why, doesn't help though.

  7. I wish my character was different and I could ask that myself. Haha.

  8. nice post

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  9. Love the blog - just followed! - video game news


  10. Sounds like a good technique , will try it , and let you know the results

  11. Anyone can try to makethem selves do something but if you dont know why your doing it then why do it in the first place?