Sunday, 14 November 2010

Disasters in the world....

Just nature. Nature alone can be hell.

I realized this because it's raining since Thursday now, and didn't stop. Now streets start to flood, small villages that are low have rivers as streets, Nothing very dangerous really, no death or wounded. Just misery.

I compare to what I've seen irl, the effects of the massive flooding in Southern Africa, in 1999, the remains of the eruption of Mount Pinatubo, in the Philippines, somewhere in the nineties. Those, I've witnessed first hand.

But TV brings all these images right into our living room. Thousands of deaths, right there in my living room. Life cholera in Haiti, floods in Pakistan,  any disaster you can imagine.

I found a website that gives you kind of a God's eye:

It's creepy. I could never imagine there are so many emergencies at the same time. Right now.

Check it out here.

I'll focus at here and now. The world is too big to be my concern in all it's details.
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  1. Crap dude! That makes me want to move to greenland to never worry about a natural disaster :o

    Snowstorm here though, I like snow :)

  2. If I look around germany...damn..theres to much..gotta leave this country!! :D

  3. Agree, nature is a powerful force

  4. i'm glad i'm far above sea level

  5. i realy like your post!:D

  6. interesting point of view

  7. keep up the good work, and I'll keep coming back :)

  8. yeah! alert map. i already have that one bookmarked. it's a great site. alot of people/orgs actually pay for info like this + terrorist attacks, etc etc. good business these days...

  9. The funny thing is that we still hear about politics and stupid criminals every single day on TV and they barely talks about these important disasters...

  10. ;_; I feel bad for those who lost all their belongings.