Wednesday, 17 November 2010

I love winters....

OK, I overreacted yesterday when I wrote that flaming article about how much I hate winters. Truth is, I hate coming out of bed, I guess. Especially when I didn't get the necessary amount of sleeping hours.

I must say, I LOVE skiing. I love taking a hike when there's enough snow, take the sled and start off for a nice trip with the kids. Drink some hot chocolate halfway. Build an igloo.

We don't have that much snow in Belgium, and it's flat as a pancake here. To ski, we need to drive to the Alps, France, Germany, Switzerland, or Austria. It's always well worth to make the trip.

Next winter, I want to take the kids to learn to ski. It's an amazing feeling of freedom, just gliding off the slopes and taking it as it comes.

And once you get hooked ... You go back. I will always go back.
I might even pick up snowboarding... Who knows.


  1. i was never skiing or snowboarding :( wanna try this out next winter...;P 2011..not now..

  2. I don't like winters, you only get so few hours of light, down here by 5 pm is pitch black outside.
    Good post though.

  3. cool read! i love winters 2 :)

  4. Yeah, but be careful, I've read that most of the sports accidents come from skiing, lol. I taught it was skateboard in streets...
    Good thing you now see Winter is synonym of Fun XD

  5. I like winters too but last winter i fell during skiing and i'm not that much keen on it anymore

  6. Cool story, bro!
    Following your blog

  7. To compass such a boundless happiness! Following!

  8. I like winter more than summer simply because I can put another layer on to stay warm.

    There's only so much I can take off to stay cool.

  9. I love winter! The snow is so beautiful and I love watching my dogs play in it!