Friday, 7 January 2011

Technology today

I was looking for some info on what he most important technological innovations of last year were- and I am impressed. I knew about all of them, but the list is impressing.

1. Peripheral Connection: USB 3.0 - With higher speeds and more power, USB 3.0 will be used in more devices soon. Not only does it provide much higher speeds and higher power when you need it, but it also offers a more power-efficient system.
  • up to 5Gb/s , that's a full DVD in about 8 seconds.
  • higher power specifications
  • ful duplex mode (two-way communication
  • support for sleep, idle and suspend, which will be energy-saving.

consequence: any peripheral will from now on have no delay because of bottlenecks

2. 4G network  With a faster data rate, 4G will offer better wireless connection to web-based content.

  • 100Mb/s download speed (as much as the older Wifi, so streaming video in HD is possible)
  • scalable bandwidth
  • roaming supported, 
  • high relative speed vs the base station possible (eg. in cars, trains, airplanes even?)

consequence: internet , TV, video,... will become truly wireless, as if the internet is everywhere (if ther is 4G, that is)

3. Web Design Markup: HTML 5 

  • new tags like audio, video, 
  • inclusion of API's (application programming interfaces) which make it possible to include script-like elements

    conclusion: easier a broader possibilities in web-pages.

    4. Storage: Solid State Drives - Solid state drives are faster than hard-disk drives. With Seagate entering this fast-changing field with their Pulsar, Solid State drives should be more popular and may find their way into some desktop computers.

      File:IMG 0085.jpg-m.jpg
    • no spin-up time
    • 50 to 100 times faster access time
    • low latency time (quick boot and start up of applications)
    • no sound (no moving parts)
    • shock-resistant, almost no chance of mechanical deficiencies
    • no influence of strong magnetic fields (unlike HDD's)
    • 1/2 to 1/3 of the power  consumption of a HDD
    conclusion: They look like superman drives. But... still expensive. Prices are going down.

    5. Circuitry: Memristor - With the introduction of memory that could retain information without power, computers and other devices could boot instantaneously. Although the memristor is the farthest from completion, it has the most potential to change technology.

    •  nano-scale technology - memories will shrink 100-fold
    • instant boot of computers - no more switching off (or better: computers might switch of ever time they are not working)
    • solid-state memory, totally new computer concepts, artificial intelligence applications,...

    conclusion: We might have to wait another 5 years, but the effects of the invention of the memristor are unimagineable. They will revolutionize computer technology (amongst others).

    I can't wait to see them implemented in my daily appliances.


    1. I have a solid state drive and that thing runs like crazy. Best one of the list if you ask me.

    2. i agree with smilingjack...great post

    3. Makes me feel like everything I bought this year is already old..

    4. I'll never lose my faith in technology. Great post

    5. Ah man all this new stuff, I'm not up to date!

    6. Really good post. #5 probably the most far-reaching.

    7. Pff i have to update everything now

    8. This is the future man, i cant wait till all these things are fully implemented ;D

    9. when HTML5 is released, we are in for some seriously good internets, possibly so much so the human race devolves into basement dwellers!