Tuesday, 18 January 2011

The truth according to Google.

This is funny. Start a Google search and start with;

"religion is "
"christianity is "
"islam is "
"atheism is "

and you get the weirdest answers.

Now, Google seems to have blocked some of the answers for a while, so when you typed "Islam is " , nothing appeared. But it does so for Judaism, Buddhism, catholicism, atheism, agnosticism, ...

After discovering this, I had a great waste of time trying out a lot of these:

Obama is ...
Bush is ...

or also:

Kennedy is ...
Elvis is ...

and so on.

But, seriously, who decides what shows up in google search, and what not? Which person decides that a search like "islam is " should stay empty, while others should not? Is it too insulting to call Islam bullshit, but not to call Catholicism, Judaism, Christianism, Atheism,... evil, bullshit, bad, ... ?

Speaking about censorship.
I hate it when someone decides what I can see and what not


  1. Interesting but you are right I do no like it when someone decides what I can see and what I can't see.

  2. those freakin google guys always searching weird struff

  3. haha, but not okay for others that islam is blank

  4. Yeah google is the best search engine but they are asses.

    I am a Christian and I have no problem with google suggesting those searches because thats what people search for, but to leave Islam blank is just so politically correct and pure censorship.

    I have nothing against Islam, but its generally ok to make fun of Christianity, Judaism, Scientology, etc, but its not Ok to make poke fun at Islam, and that is definitely unjust.

    I honestly don't want anyones beliefs to be made fun of, but if you're gonna do it to one than do it to all.

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  5. Religion really IS like Paul Rudd... how come I've never seen it before?

  6. I always heard that the Google suggestions were based off of some advanced algorithm. Following


  7. I'll definately make some searches when I get a little more time on my hands :)

  8. I think it should be free! Why should we block what people believe :P

  9. your searches you came up with are funny :D
    I'll have to try that sometime

  10. Love some of the weirder search suggestions. Although I do agree that the suggestions should be based on what's popular, censoring Islam is rubbish. Being Politically Correct isn't always the best option, google.

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  11. I can only imagine that the blocking of these search results has something to do with complaints being filed with Google.

  12. Perhaps those who are complaining about censorship and how google blanked out "islam is" suggestions PROBABLY didn't go to google and type in "islam is" themselves. Because if you did, you'd see that there are several results very similar to the other religions.
    There is a screen cap of the suggestions if you're too lazy to type it into google yourself.

  13. I think in the end we decide what google suggests since those are the most searched keywords

  14. I'm gonna go with Tigey on this one.
    I don't think Google would risk anything else.

  15. They gotta do what's best for their company

  16. Just GOOG covering their ass.
    Try "the voices in my head tell me to shoot"...

  17. fking censorship. We dont have long left on the uncensred web imo :(

  18. Google are the kings and Queens of the interwebs, so their word is law as you see

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  19. You should try searching 'Is it wrong to'

    Funny yet sickening at the same time hahaha

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  21. hahahaha are amazing search results